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Rogers Brothers Fabrics

"...we have been sitting on heaven! Fast, excellent work combined with graciousness and courtesy."

"The cushions on our 9 year old sofa were in need of serious attention. They had become too soft and could no longer be 'plumped up'. I came across Rogers Brothers on the internet and later on Etsy. I left a message on Etsy, giving details of my requirements and within 5 hours, received a reply asking me to call. I spoke to an extremely well-mannered and helpful assistant who gave me an approximate quote for 2 spring down seat cushions and 2 ultra down back cushions (all to fill our existing cushion covers). The process of sending my covers to Rogers Brothers was quick and easy; they fulfilled the job in 3 weeks; returned the cushions within 2 days after that and, since receiving my "new cushions we have been sitting on heaven!
In an age where speed often takes a front seat to excellence Rogers Brothers have divined a way of combining both. Fast, excellent work combined with graciousness and courtesy. It's a winner all the time and I don't hesitate to recommend this company to friends, family and anyone reading this accolade. My thanks go out to Don, Matt, Elizabeth and everyone involved in fulfilling my order. "

~Margaret E. Smith, Purcellville, VA

"We got exactly what we asked for... at a more affordable price."

"My husband and I are renovating an old lake house with low ceilings. We were looking for a sectional sofa with a low profile so as not to obstruct the gorgeous view of the lake from our dining room. We found a beautiful leather sofa while traveling in Texas. Like all things Texan, it was large with an even larger price tag, so I just took a photo and put it on my wish list. When we returned to South Carolina, I asked Don Rogers if he could make one like it in dimensions that suited our home. He was great to work with. We got exactly what we asked for! We are very pleased with the craftsmanship, comfort and style, all at a more affordable price." 

~Mary Wood Beasley

"One Visit, Mission Complete..."

"With one visit to Roger Brothers Fabrics, my mission of selecting both fabric and upholstered furnishing design was complete. 

The staff was attentive and experienced in providing assistance that culminated in creating a product that complements existing home decor. From follow-up conversations with Don and Matt, I know I'll seek their friendliness and skill in future projects."

~P.J. Casey, Hartsville, SC

"Custom Made, at a fraction of the cost..."

"I recently built a new house and was unhappy since I had not been able to find or afford my dream sofa. I walked around with an internet picture of it for months. One day I walked into Rogers Brothers Fabric store and there it was, the same style as the sofa as the sofa in my picture. With the help of Don and Matt Rogers, my perfect sofa was custom made in the exact fabric I wanted at a fraction of the cost! I was so pleased with the quality of the sofa that they have assisted me in designing a chair to match.

I highly recommend Rogers Brothers Fabrics.

~Janet Miller

"Everything I Wanted and More..."

"After searching for a new sofa for a couple of years, I finally found a picture of the perfect one in a magazine. Since I was a longtime customer of Rogers Brothers Fabrics and knowing that they not only had beautiful decorative fabrics, but also carried high end upholstered furniture, I went in to the store to talk with Don Rogers, the owner.

After looking at the picture, Don explained to me that he now manufactures his own custom furniture line and could make almost any style of sofa I wanted. I placed the order for my custom sofa with down cushions in a beautiful fabric from Rogers Brothers Fabrics. One month later the owner and his son delivered my sofa and it was wonderful. It was everything I wanted and more. But, the best part of all, I saved at least 50% on the price by buying from Rogers Brothers Fabrics than from other furniture stores. 

Their product and personal customer service is excellent. Rogers Brothers Fabrics called two weeks later to make sure I was still pleased with my purchase. What more would a customer want?"

~Linda Tisdale, Florence, SC

"...will go to great lengths to ensure your happiness."

"We have had a wonderful experience any time we have worked with any member of the Rogers Brothers Team.

They are accommodating and easy to work with. Their goal is to make sure you are always happy with their products and will go to great lengths to ensure your happiness. Products are always delivered on time and prices/quality are excellent. "

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