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Our Story

Rogers Furniture Company was established by John Harris Rogers in the late 1940’s.

Founded in the late 1940s by John Harris Rogers, Rogers Furniture Company is a testament to generations of dedication and craftsmanship. The inaugural store, showcased in the 1948 photograph, stood proudly on Dargan Street in Florence, SC.

Years of successful management under John gave way to a new era when his twin sons, J.H. and N.B. Rogers, took the reins. Not only did they rename it to Rogers Brothers Furniture, but they also relocated it to a new spot, still on Dargan Street, but just across the way.

The legacy further evolved in 1972 when Don Rogers, John's younger son, joined the team. By 1977, with a vision to expand, Don relocated Rogers Brothers Fabrics to West Evans Street, currently known as the location of Hotel Florence.


The tradition of excellence continued when in 2010, Don's son, Matt Rogers, came aboard. Under Don's mentorship, Matt absorbed the nuances of creating premium furniture and delivering unparalleled customer service. As of 2021, with Don's retirement, Matt Rogers has taken up the helm, ensuring that the legacy of Rogers Furniture Company thrives well into the future. 

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