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Frequently Asked Questions

About our products

Do you offer eight-way-hand-tied suspensions in your sofas & chairs?

Eight-way-hand-tied suspensions are known for their comfort, but this construction method is also very labor-intensive and costly. Further, many modern styles are limited by this construction due to its bulk. By taking advantage of today’s innovations in suspension and cushion construction, our sofas and chairs offer “the same ride”: outstanding comfort and longevity at a better value.
Upon request, we will do eight-way hand tied suspensions for an up-charge of $200. But we believe this method is unnecessary due to our use of high-end webbing and the best cushions available.

Can I add a pull out bed to my sofa?

Yes! And it is a great addition. We can fit a full or queen bed in any of our sofas. If you are considering a sectional sofa, you can use a full seat cushion on the sectional and the adult guests can sleep in the pull out and the child can sleep on the full cushion by their side. Our staff will help you design it.

Do you re-upholster?

Yes we do. We have an extensive selection of fabrics from which to choose. And we can obtain any fabric that you desire. We can also replace your worn cushions with our DuraComfort cushions. See our 
DuraComfort page for more information.

About customer services

How long does it take for a custom made sofa?

From the initial design consultation to completion of the piece will take 4 – 8 weeks depending on the availability of fabric and other materials. Home delivery shipping will take 2 – 3 additional weeks.

How do I pay for my custom sofa?

We accept major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

For personal checks, please contact our staff for more information at 843-667-0299.
Please note that full payment is required before we ship an order.

What is your warranty policy?

We take great pride in delivering the finest furniture custom made to your specifications. Our aim is to exceed your expectations. We guarantee our products against defects in material or manufacture for five years. Any time that your custom piece is not living up to your expectation, we want to 
hear from you.

Order Today 843 667 0299