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Spring Down Replacement Cushions


  Custom Sofa & Chair Cushions

Rogers Brothers can help make your sofas and chairs like new again with custom spring down replacement cushions. The first step is to decide what level of firmness best suits your needs. 

Level 1: 23 Pound Spring Down cushion is the softest cushion option
Level 2: 28 Pound Spring Down cushion is a medium/ firm cushion
Level 3: 33 Pound Spring Down cushion is the firmest cushion option 

23lb, 28lb, 33lb  Pound cushion meaning : The amount of weight it takes for the cushion to start to compress. 

Level 1 is very soft, and will look a little more lived in faster than the other 2 cushion options. Level 2 is our most popular cushion; not too firm or too soft. All of our custom furniture is made with the Level 2 cushions. The average life of this cushion is anywhere between 5-15 years, depending on the amount of wear you put on your furniture. Level 3 is a very firm cushion. Typically, we use these cushions for customers who have back issues, or the furniture is low and the customer is having a hard time getting out of the furniture. 

We also offer all of these cushions in hypo allergenic cushion options. 

We use our customer's cushion covers to ensure there is no error in making these cushions to fit your furniture perfectly. If you are unsure what cushion option is best for you, please reach out to Matt Rogers, who is our cushion expert and can help guide you to the perfect cushions for your daily use and comfort.
Custom Chair Cushions
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